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Foreclosure and Repossession Defense
Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

Losing your home is almost as bad as losing your spouse or your child. People in the middle of foreclosure proceedings can attest to the high levels of stress and anxiety they are suffering. They need help. At the Shoreline, Washington, law firm, Hawkes Law Firm, our attorneys advocate for people in danger of losing their homes.

Our firm is known for the care and understanding clients receive when working with our lawyers. We will take the time to discuss your options thoroughly, reviewing the consequences of each of the choices available to you. If you are in danger of being evicted from your home, you need to have as much information as possible.
We May Be Able to Stop Foreclosure

Each foreclosure is different and stopping it depends on the facts of the case. We may be able to take actions such as:

We might be able to sue the foreclosers and get you clear title to your home without any mortgages
Negotiating a loan modification with your lender
Seeking forbearance from your lender
Proposing a payment plan to bring your mortgage current
Demonstrating predatory lending or fraudulent lending
Proposing a short sale
Suing lenders who deceived borrowers

Foreclosure defense requires an understanding of real estate law and banks’ lending practices. Our attorneys will pursue the strategy that is most likely to result in you keeping your home. We have been handling real estate matters in the Seattle area for many years and know many of the local lenders, brokers and banks.

Another Option: Bankruptcy

Another option that may allow you to keep your home is to file for bankruptcy protection. The state of Washington has a generous exemption that often allows you to keep your home under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code. And even if your equity exceeds the exemption amount, you may be able to bring your mortgage current and keep your home while voiding credit card debt.

There are issues involved in a foreclosure defense that may affect your tax status, especially if we are able to prevent the bank from seizing your home or starting auto repossession proceedings. We are not tax attorneys, so we will refer you to an experienced tax specialist who can discuss the tax implications of stopping foreclosure if the situation requires.

To learn how our lawyers can mount a vigorous foreclosure defense, contact our Shoreline law firm by calling 206-367-5000.