Comprehensive Services

seattle lawyersOur comprehensive legal practice and our skilled lawyers and staff allow us to effectively represent clients in matters that involve multiple areas of the law.

It also means that clients who come to us for assistance with one matter often return for assistance in another. Most of our clients have relied on us for many years or have been referred by current clients, family members or friends.

Both new and existing clients find that our lawyers and support staff are friendly, helpful and dedicated to solving their legal problems effectively and efficiently.

Client families might first come to us for estate plans, later needing our adoption services, personal injury help when family members were tragically involved in a car crash, probate services for an elder who passed away or family law services for divorce, or a pre or post nuptial agreement.

Our multi practice approach allows us to serve our clients’ needs directly and efficiently; if a client needs help in a practice area that we cannot effectively work in, we help them find a competent, honest lawyer for that type of need.

This law firm qualifies as a Debt Relief Agency under Title 11 of the Unites States Code.
We assist people with excessive debt, collection pressures, foreclosures, evictions, and credit defaults. In some cases that may involve filing for bankruptcy relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.