Message to our clients, friends, and family

We at HLF hope you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy in this unpredictable and sometimes scary time.  We wanted to take a moment to inform you of the steps HLF is currently taking to ensure your health and safety should you come into our office, as well as to ensure the health and safety of our wonderful employees.  We also want to make you aware of some of the services we are offering during this period to help those in our communities who may be sick or quarantined.

In office measures: Our staff are vigilantly disinfecting all conference room surfaces, doorknobs, bathroom and lobby surfaces after every client visit and additionally several times per day.  We have decided to suspend our coffee and water service during this outbreak out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and clients but are offering each client a can of seltzer water that they can take with them. 

We are still able to accommodate in person meetings if necessary and each of our attorneys and staff are proficient in zoom meeting video conferences and telephonic meetings, so please don’t hesitate to ask for these options.  We are encouraging our staff and clients to engage in the critical social distancing being called for by our local officials.

ESTATE PLANNING DURING THIS TIME: Estate planning involves more than just a Will and death planning.  Powers of Attorneys, that allow trusted individuals to make decisions for you and accomplish tasks for you while you are still alive but unable to do so yourself are also very important to have.  It is more important than ever to ensure that you have a current Estate Plan in place and that your loved ones, especially those in high risk categories, also have these critical documents completed.  In a time that is already filled with stress and uncertainty, the knowledge of completing an estate plan can be an enormous relief. 

We have two new services that we are offering during this time period:

  • Zoom conference and telephone meetings: We offer zoom conferences and telephonic meetings (we can handle conference calls with many participants at once) that can usually be used to make all decisions necessary for Estate Planning or Family Law cases.
  • Drive up notary and Will signing services: We have a large parking lot that is free of charge.  Our notaries and witnesses will come to your car to notarize and witness your document without you having to come into the building or exit your car.  We will wear gloves and bring out hand sanitizer to try and make the risk of contact as low as possible.
  • Remote Video Will Signing: Our statues currently require that Wills be signed in the presence of two witnesses. That may not be possible or advisable in this current emergency situation, especially for folks who are 60 years or older or otherwise at risk.  In order to ensure that everyone can still complete an Estate Plan if they desire to, we are offering video remote Will signings with the witnesses in our office.  If a Will is uncontested (not argued about in Court), it does not matter if the technical requirements of the statute are followed; almost certainly the courts will approve Wills that are witnessed in this way; only if someone challenges a Will after death will the question be raised.  Will contests are rare; most families do not argue over the validity of a Will of a deceased loved one.  Since our statute does not contemplate remote Will signings or virtual “presence” yet, we cannot guarantee that this process will satisfy a full blown Will contest at Court, but we are confident that our standards should satisfy the Court as to the competency of the individual signing and the validity of the witness attestations in most situations. 
    • These are unusual times that require creativity and we have developed language in our Wills and a recorded process using Zoom meetings so that we can still offer these services safely to those homebound and quarantined. For anyone who needs to use remote Will signing services during this time, we also offer a ‘normal’, in person, second signing of your estate plan, after the health risk has dissipated, at a flat rate of $100.00. 

We are also offering flat rates for estate plans completed during this outbreak, which are as follows:

  • Basic Individual Estate Plan (includes two Power of Attorneys, one for health and the other for Durable Financial, and also a Healthcare Directive): $1,500
  • Basic married Couple Estate Plan in which all property is considered community property and both wills are identical except for naming of fiduciaries: $1,800
  • Estates over $2 million or involving a trust: No flat fee, but instead these are time-based fees
  • We are offering a flat rate of $100 to any client who prepared a ‘virtual’ will and wishes to formalize their Estate Plan in person in our office after the outbreak is over. This cost includes the signing meeting with two witnesses and a notary as long as there are no changes to the documents prepared earlier.


Here are the various payment options:

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