Boundary Disputes

Some of the most hotly contested real estate disputes are seemingly minor. However, boundary disputes, tree cutting disputes and easement disputes are often costly and result in hard feelings between neighbors if not properly resolved.

The Hawkes Law Firm Difference

At the Shoreline, Washington, law firm, the Hawkes Law Firm, our attorneys help clients involved in real estate disputes with their neighbors. We are committed to providing high quality legal service in any real estate matter. Even more important, we are dedicated to conducting ourselves with integrity and treating our clients with respect. Finally, we believe that attorneys have an obligation to educate and support clients, whatever their legal concerns.

Seeking to Resolve Property Disputes Cordially

People involved in boundary and other property disputes need caring and effective legal counsel if they wish to continue cordial relations with their neighbors. We are strong proponents of using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to resolve property disputes effectively, inexpensively and with less rancor than is usually true of traditional litigation.

Our attorneys’ help clients resolve matters such as:

  • Encroachments that can include fences or structures that cross into a neighbor’s property
  • Home additions that cross property lines
  • Trails, walkways and driveways that impinge on a neighbor’s property
  • Nuisances such as pets, smells and lights that affect the neighbor’s enjoyment of his or her property
  • Tree-cutting disputes, including homeowners illegally cutting down others’ trees to improve the view or complete construction projects
  • Adverse possession disputes after one party possessed or used the land of another for 10 or more years

Educating Our Clients About Their Options

In addition to helping our clients resolve their boundary and tree cutting disputes; our attorneys are dedicated to educating people about their options under real estate law. We take the time to understand our clients’ situations and the circumstances that led to the dispute. This allows us to provide advocacy directed toward clients’ specific needs. This targeted approach is typical of our representation in all practice areas.