Betsy Wurdeman

I became a lawyer because I love to write, learn new things, and because I wanted to advocate for people who were not able to speak for themselves.  I developed my career in family law, with an emphasis on collaborative practice, probate and estate planning because I realized that one of the greatest skills I have is an aptitude for providing compassionate emotional support while simultaneously advocating for my client’s needs, as he or she navigates some of life’s most challenging experiences.  Practicing family law for the last decade has taught me that the most important skill a lawyer can hone is active listening.  I truly enjoy helping clients view the divorce process in a new light and to shift the focus towards an approach that preserves the co-parenting relationship with their ex-spouse and that respects the best interests of their children.   Regardless of whether I am helping a family regroup during separation or divorce, relieving a grieving individual by handling the probate of a loved one, or providing relief through comprehensive estate planning, I strive to listen thoroughly to my clients needs and to choose the path that minimizes conflict and most efficiently meets the high-end goals of my clients.

I am a firm proponent of the collaborative model for family law cases and I am a certified collaborative professional.  When clients choose the collaborative model, they agree to work together with their attorneys and other professionals to come to a mutually arrived at solution that meets both of their most important goals and concerns and they agree in advance not to litigate their issues in Court.  This method can be extremely powerful because I truly believe that the process matters as much as the result, especially if the result is going to be a lasting, durable agreement.  By choosing collaborative, clients are choosing to keep control over their lives and their agreements, and are choosing a process that is respectful, confidential and honest, without the pressure to use unproductive and manipulative tactics for future litigative gain.

In addition to collaborative work, I also provide traditional representation for individuals whose cases require Court intervention or whose cases are already in litigation.  I also provide unbundled limited representation services for document review and preparation, as well as representation at mediations.

In addition to divorce, probate and estate planning, I also provide legal representation and contract review for families going through the process of adopting a child or making the decision to utilize assisted reproductive technology or surrogacy to grow their families.

I attended Seattle Preparatory High school, Seattle University, and obtained my Juris Doctorate degree from Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida.  When I’m not in the office, you can find me reading, enjoying craft breweries, or running marathons (by that I mean running around after my 2 and 4-year-old!)

Call: 206-367-5000