At the Hawkes Law Firm in Shoreline, Washington, our immigration attorney, Jamie Kim, handles all types of immigration matters, from visas to deportation/removal.

Whatever the type of case, Jamie is dedicated to getting it right the first time so that immigrants and their families are able to accomplish their immigration goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Types of matters we handle include:

  • Adjustment of Status (Marriage, Family, Employment)
  • Asylum
  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Citizenship
  • Consular Assistance
  • Convention Against Torture (CAT) Relief
  • Crime Victim Immigration Matters – U Visa
  • Criminal Immigration Matters (Waivers, Pardons)
  • Deportation / Removal Defense / Appellate Litigation
  • Domestic Violence Immigration Matters (VAWA)
  • E-1 / E-2 Investor / Trader Visas
  • Family-sponsored Permanent Residence (Green Card)
  • Marriage Visas
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Lawful Permanent Residence
  • H-1B Temporary Professional Worker Visas
  • H-3 trainee Visas
  • Immigration Litigation
  • J Waivers
  • K-1 Visas for Fiancées of US Citizens
  • L-1 Transferee Visas
  • Motions to Reconsider
  • Motions to Reopen
  • National Interest Waivers / Extraordinary Ability Permanent Residence
  • Naturalization
  • PERM / Permanent Residence through Employment
  • R-1 Religious worker visas
  • TPS – Temporary Protected Status
  • Voluntary Departure
  • I-601 Waiver
  • Withholding of Removal

Family-Based and Work-Based Immigration

Most immigration into the United States occurs because of family or work. United States citizens and lawful permanent residents can sponsor certain relatives who are seeking permanent residence in the United State.

Work-based immigration applies to people seeking legal permanent residency, commonly known as a green card, or non-immigrant work visas. For the most part, work-based immigrants and visa holders must be sponsored be sponsored by a U.S. employer.


Getting it Right the First Time

At the Hawkes Law Firm, our immigration lawyer, Jamie Kim, focuses exclusively on immigration matters, including Deportation/Removal, Naturalization and citizenship, Asylum.

He is committed to helping families and employers of immigrants bring relatives and workers into the United States. His goal is to finish the process speedily and smoothly, completing all required paperwork correctly and meeting all deadlines so that the immigrant is able to enter the country as soon as possible. He knows that nothing is more frustrating than to have an application rejected on procedural grounds; he works hard to get it right the first time.


Issues in Family and Work-based Immigration

Both types of immigration are quite technical, and it is easy to make mistakes. This is why it is essential to have a knowledgeable attorney to assist.

At the Hawkes Law Firm, we answer wide range of questions about family and work-based immigration, including:


  • How long will it take to get my mother a green card?
  • How long will the application process take?
  • Can my relative adjust his/her green card status?
  • If I marry a U.S. citizen, can I get a green card?
  • Can I get a green card for a grandchild?
  • Can my brother get a green card if he has a criminal record?
  • My sister overstayed her visa. Can I still get her a green card?
  • How can I get a job in the United States?
  • Do I need to obtain labor certification to bring in a foreign worker?
  • How long does the labor certification (PERM) process take?
  • Do I need a college degree to get a job in the U.S.?

When there are obstacles to obtaining work-based visas or green cards for family members, we work hard to develop effective strategies to overcome problems.